How to feed an entire airline off of one food truck

Our Gameplan:

Southwest requested that we’re there from 7am-6pm, a long day for sure but amongst our busiest festival season we were all used to the long days. As the manager of our inventory, my biggest worry was, how are we going to get this much food, and where are we going to put it? It is important to remember that Food Truck Avenue runs 6 other trucks and concepts besides Mile High Cheesesteaks. With limited refrigerator space, I knew it was going to be a nightmare fitting enough food for this event, as well as the other 5 trucks that were going out that day. I went for the higher risk route, but in my eyes, it was the only way it would work. I asked our food distributor if they could deliver our food order late at night the night before the event. This was risky because what if I didn’t order enough? What if the driver accidentally spilled a bag of onions, or we got shipped the wrong brand of buns? But I put my faith that everything would work out and I stocked every fridge on every truck as full as possible, as well as the fridge inside. I knew I could do this because the other trucks weren’t going out until later in the day, so we would be able to empty everything before they got there. We were as prepared as we could be, the only thing left was to go and do it.

Event Execution:

When 6pm rolled around Kaleb and I let out the biggest sigh of relief, we had actually done it. We both sat down for a bit and drank some sodas to try and give us a little bit of energy, when we looked around and realized how much of a mess we had made of the truck. The last thing we wanted to do was spend another hour cleaning up a bunch of cheese sauce and steak bits, but again this was our busiest season, someone else had to take this truck out the next day! We powered through and got it all done, made the drive back to our commissary in Englewood, parked the truck and went home. I think I said about 3 words to my roommate before passing out in my bed for the next 14 hours. When I woke up the next morning though, we were heroes! The lady in charge of booking us was so pleased and we got so many great reviews about how delicious our food was and how short the wait times were. We got another text saying that they had given us the biggest tip in company history. They also booked us to come back with 2 trucks every week for the rest of the summer! It may have been one of the harder shifts I’ve worked in my life, but it ended up being so worth it. Every time I end up working another Southwest gig they are so nice, and it gets easier every single time.